Erik Spiekermann: Views on digital typography

Elliot Jay Stocks, Founder and Editor of 8 Faces magazine, interviews Erik Spiekermann who shares his thoughts on designing for small screens and continues the conversation we had with Erik at Typo London in October.

He describes screens as ‘bad paper’ and advises designing for them as such. Mobile screens, he reiterates, simply require the same design principles as used when designing for any small format (but with more options at our disposal like animation & colour etc.). He believes that now web designers have mastered the technical challenges that distracted them from the design process, the focus can now be restored.

In response to Erik’s comments about his reputation for black, white and red designs, some eagle-eyed viewer left an amusing YouTube comment on Erik’s attire: black trousers, white shirt and red socks. Masterful visual reinforcement or absent-minded habit?