Love Story: 80s Music Poster

I’m slightly abashed to admit it but I do love a good ’80s track. Even bands I wasn’t particularly into back then (I was barely in my teens) I now love; Human League, The Jam, Simple Minds, Ultravox, Depeche Mode…the list goes on and on.

Well this poster brings me right back. Designed by Patrick King who runs the Typography Shop, that also produces the Typographic tees that I’ve posted about before. The idea came to him after designing a spread for his high school reunion some years ago about music, which he later displayed in his home. After much appreciation and fascination by visiting friends he decided to explore the concept in poster form.

Using 1980’s song titles, the poster tells a love story, from hopeful beginning through to falling in love and the expression of its passion, the appearance of trouble and doubt, then the breakup and its lonely aftermath. Thankfully not representative of every love story! I had the chance to ask Patrick about the process:

"I spent a great deal of time choosing the songs to highlight, more for their ability to tell the story than its popularity or my tastes. To then create a well balanced typographic puzzle using only condensed sans serifs was quite a challenge. 

I count 114 songs and 37 fonts from 12 typeface families. A wild exercise for me as I rarely use more than two faces in client work, chosen from a palette of about 6 favorite choices.”

It’s available at 11x17” and there’s a larger screen printed version with black ink. Plus ’60s and ’70s music posters too.