Designing Chromatic Wood Type & Printing With It

Earlier this year Nick Sherman lead a workshop during the ]tpc10[ conference in São Paulo, taking participants through creating and printing their own colourful type. As the workshop write-up describes:

“Chromatic” typefaces are designed with multiple sets of corresponding layers, intended to be typeset in different colors, aligning and overlaying to create special typographic effects.

Each participant created their letter on a computer and the resulting designs were laser cut into wood veneers. These were then separated, and the printing sections mounted onto base blocks ready for printing. You can see photos of the process on Nick’s Flickr page. The final blocks were locked in a forme together and letterpress printed to produce the workshop poster above. Wishing I was there…

Nick was interviewed for 8 Faces Magazine in issue #2 (available as a PDF). Nick’s work also adorns the cover of Creative Review this month