A Globally Animated Typeface

A couple of months ago I posted about an animated typeface being worked on collaboratively by designers all over the world. The organisers, Animography, have now released the final typeface called Franchise.

Franchise, is a sans serif, all-caps typeface by one type designer and 110 animators. Each animator was asked to pick a glyph and animate it using no more than 4 colours, 25 frames in a 500 x 600 pixel canvas in Adobe After Effects. Within this criteria they had complete freedom to bring their character to life, resulting in a huge ranges of style and techniques.

The final typeface was painstakingly compiled by collecting the assets into a master file and cleaning everything up. You can read more about the process here and you can download the typeface for just a tweet here. The file even contains all the keyframes, expressions and artwork, a real bonus for those budding animators interested in how it was put together.

Animography provides video designers with a growing range of animated typefaces that can be used on all sorts of video projects, such as title sequences, TV commercials, and gig visuals. Output as Adobe After Effects files with each glyph in a separate composition, the typefaces can be customised and scaled without loss of quality.