Draw a letter a day

Andrew Herzog, a designer from Minneapolis, is currently running a 26 day project collecting and exhibiting hand-drawn letters by anyone eager to draw one.

Participants draw the “Letter of the Day” and submit their drawings, all from one easy interface. It’s quite different from the ‘letter battles’ style sites, such as Type Fight, Alphabout and AlphaBattle: Each letter must be drawn in one take (no undos!).

I like the simply way there are displayed together. I asked Andrew more about the idea behind the project:

“I was also inspired by the documentary ‘Le mystere Picasso” which gives an amazing look into the methodology of the way Picasso drew. He draws with no regrets and endless inspiration as he melds one form into another without erasing or starting over. I also really liked the idea of creating a project where people were simply given the chance to draw and share. No erasing, just exploration.

Today is letter ‘M’—Go draw one!