E Is The Magic Number

Regular readers might guess that I’m a fan of Eine’s graffiti lettering and artwork. I spoke to him a few times trying to persuade him to paint a wall in my old design studio a few years ago, but he was flying all over the world painting the streets and becoming quite famous (partly attributed to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, presenting one of his works to President Obama as a gift on his first official state visit).

Today sees the launch of his latest extension from walls to art; a limited edition of 50, hand cast 3D resin sculptures. Based on his signature Circus letteringeach of the 8” high sculptures has a unique colour way and comes in a fancy presentation box.

Made in conjunction with mysterious creative collective, Fluorescent Smogg, by Bristol based model makers albanstudios.com there were an additional five glitter versions (as pictured) but these appear to have sold out already.