Typism Book One

In September this year, Dominique Falla organised a”humble little type conference” on Australia’s Gold Coast called Typism. I wasn’t able to attend, however it looked like quite an event from what I saw on social media.

This week, a copy of the book created to accompany the event arrived in my letter box.

Ahead of the conference, a call for entries when out for typography, lettering and calligraphy—in black and white only. Although there are some well known names in the 193 piece line-up, such as Jon Contino, Rob Clarke, Drew Melton and Simon Ålander, the judges picked work without knowledge of the entrants, so some big names were rejected and many newcomers (and me) were included.

There’s a really broad mix of designs, perfect for a little inspiration. It’s weighted more to lettering than type, but the book’s black and white format works really well. You can pick one up here.