Make a note: Work Hard and Be Nice to People

I saw these colourful notebooks were released yesterday. Printed in with Anthony Burrill’s now famous slogans, in collaboration with Rubberband.

In a recent conversation with Anthony we discussed the differences between his work and the clichéd derivative ‘quote posters’ that you see so many of—though not on this blog [Keep Calm and Don’t Design One].

His original Work Hard and Be Nice to People poster (see the bottom image) developed from an overheard statement from an elderly lady in a supermarket, passing on some wisdom she’d learnt in her life.
Quite taken with the words, he then composed the statement with visual reference to the powerful civil rights poster, I am a man (1968), and the subsequent War is over John Lennon poster (1971).
By using whatever large wooden type was available at the printers, Anthony’s design consciously achieves the same sense of typographical freedom and naïvety that the reference posters have. 

Now Anthony’s poster has in turn been mimicked many times but it’s unlikely to have been done with the same creativity or reverence to the original inspiration.