Time Stamped

To achieve a perfectly packaged book, Finnish authors, Christoffer & Kaisa Leka, wanted to take their presentation to a new level by having the stamps designed as well.

Thier latest book, Time After Time comes enveloped in its own wrapping paper, custom printed to match the book’s colorful end papers and is meticulously wrapped and lettered by Christoffer himself.

The beautiful set of characters above have been designed by a host of typographers from all over the world, many well-known in the industry: Erik van Blokland, Maria Doreuli, Dave Foster, Kimya Gandhi, Cyrus Highsmith, Robert Keller, Ben Kiel, Indra Kupferschmidt, David Ross, Nick Sherman, Florian Schick, Nina Stöessinger, Lauri Toikka, Wout Trippas, Teo Tuominen & Bernd Volmer.

I love this obsession to perfect every last detail; Ensuring that the book, which has obviously been lovingly crafted, is placed in the hands of the reader so carefully.

Each letters has been reproduced with gouache paint by designer Markku Mujunen on 6 millimeter thick plywood and each piece measures approximately 180 x 180 millimeters. To cover the costs, the originals paintings are being sold for €50. First come first served.