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36 days of type

I noticed this open project over on Instagram recently, organised by Alejandro López Becerro. There’s a huge variety of characters to look through including just these 3D designs by Alejandro himself. 

While the main letters were going up in April/May the project still seems quite active. Search on Instagram #36daysOfType and #36days_<glyph name>.

A Vertical View

There is some incredible work here and in the links below. I especially love the sense of scale between the main logograms and the detail of the seals and notations. Arranging these elements sensitively in each piece really accentuates the overall composition.


Really impressive calligraphic work here. The author of the article where we found it says:

We are so concentrated on typography featuring European characters that we forget there’s the possibility of having great typography from other cultures too.

Check out the rest of this work here.

An Ode to type

These beautiful, wooden letters were created for a self initiated exhibition by dutch team Studio AIRPORT, comprised of Vincent de Boer, Maurits Wouters and Bram Broerse. 

This is true type worship. Their passion for letters inspired them to pen tributes to each of the 26 characters. Feeling that these should be as intimate as possible, each ode is handwritten to stress the connection they feel.

The poems have matching envelopes, which double as a posters when unfolded. These are presented with their corresponding character, encapsulated in a curvaceous, wooden paperweight.  I’d love one.