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An Ode to type

These beautiful, wooden letters were created for a self initiated exhibition by dutch team Studio AIRPORT, comprised of Vincent de Boer, Maurits Wouters and Bram Broerse. 

This is true type worship. Their passion for letters inspired them to pen tributes to each of the 26 characters. Feeling that these should be as intimate as possible, each ode is handwritten to stress the connection they feel.

The poems have matching envelopes, which double as a posters when unfolded. These are presented with their corresponding character, encapsulated in a curvaceous, wooden paperweight.  I’d love one.

Eine CHANGE print

I recently posted about the London street artist, Eine (AKA Ben Flynn), who I had the pleasure of meeting recently. Eine’s shutter-front lettering and murals can been seen all over London, alongside Banksy’s, Faile’s and other local graffiti artists prominent in Shoreditch and the City.

Eine recently produced the huge mural ‘Change’, by Old Street Station in London, for the Flavasum Trust which aims to change young peoples’ attitudes to carrying weapons. In May screen prints, (shown here), based on the same design we’re sold by local gallery, Nelly Duff, on behalf of the Trust. They were sold-out in seconds.

In 2009 Eine shot to fame when British Prime Minister, David Cameron, gave US President, Barack Obama, one of his prints during his first state visit to the UK.

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